Independent physicians and group Practices

Improve patient outcomes and Increase your annual revenue  

As you know Medicare is moving towards population health management and gradually away from traditional fee for service billing and coding.  Recently CMS released a combination of population health management codes that are now available for the chronically ill under Traditional Medicare and Managed Medicare programs.

Only a small percentage of Medicare beneficiaries are receiving these services.  They require infrastructure improvements to increase access to care and preventative services.  

These can be time consuming and costly.  CCS Healthcare has developed a turn key program to allow you to provide these services using our infrastructure.  We provide the population health program for your patients.  You stay independent and increase your revenue without changing your daily work flow or infrastructure.  Most programs can start in under 60 days.  

Your patients gain access to a dedicated case manager,  a 24/7 nurse call line, medication management services, and better care coordination.  At the same time the providers gain a significant increase in annual income.  

On average most physicians with a minimum of 300 patients that qualify for the program increase annual revenue by approximately $100,000 annually.  

If you are not implementing this you are leaving a significant revenue opportunity on the table.    

Keep your autonomy and gain the benefit of being part of a healthcare system without the headache of administrators.

The program was developed by physicians and we have incorporated it into our practice.  

We do the heavy lifting for you.  

Send us your contact information and one of our physicians will personally discuss with you peer to peer.

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