The result is getting patients the right care, in the right place, at the right time.  We can now redistribute our providers to areas of need connecting both specialists and primary care providers to places that suffer from a provider shortage.  Additionally, because we utilize a central provider group we can load balance allowing for operational efficiency which ultimately drives cost down.

We can now connect any patient to any provider, anywhere in the world!  The difference between our telehealth product and that of our competitor is the quality of the interaction.  Our telehealth encounters are facilitated through a trained telepresenter skilled at performing a physical exam.  This provides crucial information to our provider partners and makes the encounter equivalent to an in person examination

Virtual clinics are ideal in many settings.  

  • Retail pharmacies can use the technology to staff a retail clinic at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full time practitioner.  Providing a much needed service for minor issues and driving downstream revenue into their pharmacy.
  • Urgent care centers can use virtual clinics to load balance as well as perform onsite specialist referrals virtually.  This can lead to increased revenue, patient satisfaction, and customer loyalty.  
  • Campus health is riddled with inefficiencies and restricted hours.  A virtual clinic can add a much needed service to your college or university allowing increased access to care during off hours and weekends.  Additionally family members can be brought into the visit regardless of their location.
  • Large workplaces could replace or augment their occupational health services through virtual clinics decrease the overall footprint needed and increasing accessibility.   

We provide an end to end solution for your clinic.  From design and installation to contracting provider groups, as well as 24 hour operational support we are by your side.  Contact us today to learn more!