The Right Care at the right time.


The Right Care at the right time.

Better care for better outcomes

Founded by physicians who recognize healthcare needs a significant overhaul for both patients and providers...  

Our mission is two fold.

To dramatically increase the quality and access to healthcare while substantially decreasing the overall cost


To empower other physicians to maintain autonomy and practice in a sustainable healthcare environment.

We have embarked on a mission to positively impact health care quality and delivery in the United States.

Please join us!

What we do.

What we do.

  CCS Healthcare works as a team to deliver comprehensive primary care.  Additionally we offer 24/7/365 on demand access to telehealth providers.  We have developed a system to allow patients to have better access to healthcare by leveraging technology. The result is our patients get the care they deserve.     Our team approach not only helps our patients but also helps our staff.  If you are a medical professional you know what we mean.  We not only want our patients to be happy, but we value our providers and want them to maintain the work life balance they desire.  

    In addition to practicing medicine we are also helping independent practices offer preventative services.  We have created a system that works for us.  Now let us apply that system to your practice.  We have the infrastructure that allows us to provide the tools necessary for independent practices to offer improved access and coordinated care without restructuring their office or changing their workflow. 

Our Team